EZ-Snapshot Registration for Departments

Registration Information

Use this form to register a group of clients under a single billable account. An EZ-Snapshot group name is needed for this registration. This name must be unique within the EZ-Snapshot system. Individual clients to be registered under this group should be listed on the following page. After submitting this registration form, the coordinator will receive e-mail listing the registered clients.

Individual clients are registered as part of an EZ-Snapshot group billing registration. Each client must have a unique EZ-Snapshot name.

  • Primary RCS User ID – The EZ-Snapshot client name field can be left blank, and the contact RCS ID will be used. This RCS ID should identify the primary user or support contact for the client system.
  • EZ-Snapshot Client Name – should be the DNS name of the client system.

By submitting this form, you agree to the terms and conditions described below.

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Service Summary

The EZ-Snapshot service allows members of the Rensselaer community to store copies of personal computer files from computers running Windows, to a tape library over the campus network. EZ-Snapshot software (TSM client) must be installed on each client. The client software communicates with the Rensselaer TSM server, and transfers files to the server for storage, with the service allowing storage of up to two copies of each client file on the TSM server. These files can be backed up or restored from the client without requiring DotCIO staff involvement, or the backup process can also be run as an automated process.

EZ-Snapshot storage is provided in allocations of 100GB. This storage is measured at the server and consists of compressed data, with typical data compression ratios between 1.5 to 1 and 3 to 1. Each 100GB storage allocation will be sufficient to store typical client disk capacities of 110GB, possibly up to 225GB.

The department/organization coordinator is responsible for approving new clients, removing clients, and approving subscription renewals. The coordinator will be asked to renew each client subscription prior to September 1; otherwise, client files will be removed from the server.

Cost of Service

Each account number on record will be billed a fee of $100 per 100GB allocation, with the billable amount reflecting the aggregate usage of the clients. The annual fee will be billed in September, or in the month of registration, based on the current aggregate storage usage. If the aggregate usage exceeds the paid allocation, $100 will be charged for each additional 100GB allocation, at the time that the quota is exceeded. This charge will not be prorated.

High-Capacity Usage Options with Multi-Year Allocations

  • $1,000/1,000GB (1TB) for four-year storage allocation
  • $600/1,000GB (1TB) for two-year storage allocation
  • $400/1,000GB (1TB) for one-year storage allocation

Terms and Conditions

  1. The EZ-Snapshot service is provided for a term of up to one year. The service is available from the date of registration/renewal through the following August. All subscribers will have an opportunity to re-subscribe prior to September 1.
  2. The EZ-Snapshot service is based on a software product called Tivoli Storage Manager, or TSM.
  3. The EZ-Snapshot service is provided exclusively for current members of the Rensselaer community, including students, faculty, staff, or department representatives.
  4. Rensselaer faculty, staff, students, or department representatives may not copy or distribute the EZ-Snapshot software to anyone outside the Rensselaer community.
  5. EZ-Snapshot is provided for computing devices directly connected to the Rensselaer network. The service is not permitted from devices connected through ISPs, or Rensselaer modem connections.
  6. DotCIO will endeavor to provide the Rensselaer community with the best possible EZ-Snapshot service. However, DotCIO cannot guarantee user files against damage or loss, which may result from media failure, fire, power failure, or other unexpected situations.
  7. DotCIO shall terminate a user's service under any of the following conditions:
    1. The user requests termination of service.
    2. DotCIO determines that it can no longer provide the EZ-Snapshot service. In such a case, DotCIO will provide users with a minimum 90-day notice regarding the termination of service.
    3. DotCIO has reason to believe that the user has violated any of the terms and conditions specified in this agreement.
  8. Over time, DotCIO will make EZ-Snapshot software updates available to registered clients, who will then have the responsibility of applying these updates, as needed, in order to continue using the backup service.
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