2018 Spring EMPAC Building Tours Registration

Register for Building Tours

— Building Tour with Senior Network Administrator Dave Bebb

This tour offers a look at the center from an information-technology perspective. With miles of fiber optic cable linking all four venues as well as the audio and video recording facilities, EMPAC is an environment where physical and digital worlds seamlessly intersect.

— Building Tour with Curators

This tour will approach the building from the programmatic perspective of how the space can be optimized to create boundary-pushing work in the fields of dance, theater, music, and time-based visual arts.

— Building Tour with Senior Research Engineer Eric Ameres

This tour will focus on EMPAC’s function as a research environment facilitating projects at the intersection of art and science. EMPAC has developed a number of new media technologies and is the current home of the Cognitive and Immersive Systems Laboratory.

— Building Tour with Lead Video Engineer Eric Brucker

From 3D film productions to green-screen animations, flying cameras, and panoramic projection environments, EMPAC is a lush visual world. This tour focuses on EMPAC as a film-production facility and high-resolution screening venue.

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