2018 Fall EMPAC Building Tours Registration

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SEPT 1: Building Tour with Director Johannes Goebel

Join EMPAC’s founding director Johannes Goebel for a tour of the building (and overview of the program) that he helped realize and has led through EMPAC’s first 10 years. Goebel will take visitors through the EMPAC building with an eye and an ear to the “human-scale” functions he strove to achieve in taking the project from a lofty vision to one of the world’s most advanced media centers.

OCT 6: Building Tour with Senior Network Administrator Dave Bebb

This tour offers a look at the center from an information technology perspective. With miles of fiber optic cable linking all four venues as well as the audio and video recording facilities, EMPAC is an environment where physical and digital worlds seamlessly intersect.

NOV 3: Building Tour with Director for Stage Technologies Geoff Abbas

Each of EMPAC’s performance spaces were designed as a blank canvas, endlessly customizable according to the needs of EMPAC’s diverse productions. Join director of stage technologies Geoff Abbas for a behind-the-scenes tour of all the nuts and bolts that make the space work, including the robotic rigging system and 80-foot Theater fly tower.

DEC 1: Building Tour with Curator of Time-Based Visual Art Victoria Brooks

Bridging the traditional disciplines of installation, performance, and cinema, Victoria Brooks' curatorial approach has forged new visual creations within the wider context of time-based visual art. This tour will focus on EMPAC’s unique visual production capabilities, ranging from 3D video, green-screen animation, flying cameras, and performances consisting solely of light.

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