Spatial Audio Summer Workshop

Spatial Audio Summer Workshop at EMPAC / Rensselaer

An intensive workshop on the technical, theoretical, and practical issues surrounding spatial audio platforms, particularly focused on Wave Field Synthesis and High-Order Ambisonics. Hosted by EMPAC at Rensselaer along with IRCAM and HUSEAC, this workshop will give participants the opportunity to experience large-scale, complex audio setups in pristine acoustic environments.

The workshop takes place July 10–14, 2017 at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, in Troy, NY.

NOTE: Registration for the full workshop is currently closed. If you are interested in attending the morning lectures (the afternoon hands-on intensives are at capacity), we invite you to register at the reduced price of $150. You may also in turn register to put your name on the waiting list.

Where we can reach you.
RPI students/faculty can audit the lectures at no charge on a first come, first served basis. Please provide your RIN #
(5.1, Wave Field, Ambisonics, etc.)
Max/MSP, etc.
IE mac sierra, windows 10, RHEL
We can provide on-campus lodging or you can arrange yourself. Provided lodging is a single room with an ensuite bathroom. Checkin/out will be open on the 9th and 15th for those who want to arrive the day before / leave morning after workshops.

Fees for auditing the lectures are as follows:

  • $150 for lectures ONLY, FREE to RPI faculty and students. Registration is required and spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis.
  • A limited number of lodging spaces may be available to lecture auditors. Please let our Box Office Manager John Cook know if you are interested ASAP.

How do I pay to audit the lectures?

  • Once your registration is submitted you will be contacted by EMPAC staff to arrange for payment.
  • Payment in full at time of registration to secure your spot.

What is the payment policy?

  • We will accept Visa, Mastercard, or a check made out to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
  • No refunds or cancellations.
  • Please call the box office and speak to Box Office Manager, John Cook. 518.276.3921
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