Spatial Audio Summer Workshop

Spatial Audio Summer Workshop at EMPAC / Rensselaer

An intensive workshop on the technical, theoretical, and practical issues surrounding spatial audio platforms, particularly focused on Wave Field Synthesis and High-Order Ambisonics. Hosted by EMPAC at Rensselaer along with IRCAM and HUSEAC, this workshop will give participants the opportunity to experience large-scale, complex audio setups in pristine acoustic environments.

The workshop takes place July 10–14, 2017 at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, in Troy, NY.


Participants should be composers, audio engineers, or programmers with interest in multi-channel composition. Experience with MAX is recommended. If you do not have any MAX experience, please contact us.

(5.1, Wave Field, Ambisonics, etc.)
Max/MSP, etc.
Where we can reach you.
IE mac sierra, windows 10, RHEL
We can provide on-campus lodging or you can arrange yourself. Provided lodging is a single room with an ensuite bathroom. Checkin/out will be open on the 9th and 15th for those who want to arrive the day before / leave morning after workshops.

Fees for the workshop are as follows:

  • $590 includes lunches, snacks, and beverages.
  • $800 includes the above plus six nights of lodging on campus at Blitman Commons

How do I pay for the conference?

  • Once your registration is submitted you will be contacted by EMPAC staff to arrange for payment.
  • Minimum 50% payment is due at the time of registration in order to hold your spot in the workshop. Your registration will not be considered complete until payment has been received
  • Payment in full is due on or before June 5, 2017.

What is the payment policy?

  • We will accept Visa, Mastercard, or a check made out to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
  • No refunds or cancellations.
  • Please call the box office and speak to Box Office Manager, John Cook. 518.276.3921
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