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This form is to be completed by instructors/course designers only! If you are a student and are having trouble accessing a LMS course, please complete a LMS problem report.

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If want to look up a Troy or Hartford course and/or CRN information, view the Troy and Hartford Class Schedule.

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List all course numbers, sections and CRNs associated with this LMS course site.  Students will be automatically loaded into your course based on their association with a CRN number, so keep in mind that failure to list all associated CRNs may result in some students not having access to the course.

For Troy course CRN information, see the Troy Class Schedule .
For Hartford course CRN information, see the Hartford Class Schedule .

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Please review the new LMS User Roles. If the course instructor and course requestor are different, the course instructor will need to advise what type of access the requestor will need. If you require additional access for other instructors, course builders, graders, or TAs, please specify that information in the comments section of this form. If you require a TA or grader but do not know their name or ID at this time, please complete the LMS Problem Report
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