Public Safety Silent Watch Form

Our department understands that there are people who have information about a crime, but who do not want to get involved.

This type of information may be very helpful in solving a criminal case, and we will be very interested in receiving it.

The online Silent Watch Form will allow such people to select the level of privacy for the information they provide.  Please note that for the purpose of this form, the word “Restricted,” as used below, means that the form is not for public viewing, access, or use. This information is for police use only and is considered confidential!

Please use this form to provide any helpful information you may have about a crime. The information is sent directly to our Investigator’s email account where he/she will decide what actions to take with the new information.

DO NOT use this form if you were a victim of a crime and wish to meet with Public Safety. If you desire direct Public Safety involvement, call 6611 and an officer will respond to your call.

Please complete all fields below, and try to provide as much information and detail as possible.

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